Supplements for Men: What You Need and When You Need Them

Most men take supplements to improve overall health. They believe it doesn’t matter what they eat as long as they take vitamin and mineral supplements. However, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the path to improved health is not the work of a single group of the nutrient source. It’s the combination of eating healthy and proper supplementation.

Health Goals

When choosing a supplement, you need to consider what your health and wellness goals are. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to feel physically better? Are you often in a bad mood? Do you have a medical condition? Are you aiming to improve a specific aspect of your health?

These questions can help you determine which supplements to take. There are specific supplements formulated to address different health conditions.

Dietary Requirements

One of the common reasons men take supplements is to provide support for nutritional deficiency. Often, this is recommended by a physician. For example, if you have diabetes, you are more likely to suffer from vitamin B deficiency. Your doctor will then prescribe you a vitamin B supplement.

Preference for a Specific Supplement Form

Supplements come in many forms. Your preference for a specific supplement form can also dictate your supplementary needs. They can be bought in liquid, powder, tablet, lozenge, soft gel, capsule, and gummy forms.

Here are three supplements that can give you an idea of which ones can best address common dietary needs and health goals in men.


If you want to achieve improved overall health and maintain it, probiotics can be good for you.

Probiotics are living microorganisms that enhance the function of good bacteria inside your stomach. If there is a healthy and balanced gut microbiome, your whole body functions better. In fact, according to Health magazine, there are even different strains of live bacteria that address specific medical conditions. For example, there is a strain to help minimize symptoms of inflamed bowel disease. There is also a strain to help improve your immune system. And, there is a strain for improving testosterone levels in men.

Probiotics can also improve protein absorption and reduce inflammation, which is good for men who love to work out. There is no official daily recommended intake of probiotics. As such, each product offers different dosages. However, the AAFP stated that the typical dosage for adults is 10-20 billion cfu (colony-forming units) per day.

Vitamins D and B Complex

If you’re always feeling tired, disconnected, and moody, taking some multivitamins with vitamins D and B complex can be good for you.

Vitamin B complex helps regulate your nervous system. It also helps your body to metabolize macronutrients — fat, protein, and carbs — more effectively. It is also known to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Vitamin D, on the other hand, improves the function of your nervous and immune system, and makes your bones stronger. It also stabilizes your bodily functions. All of this can improve how you’ll feel overall.

If you don’t like or need to take multivitamins, you can opt for supplements with one or either of these two. Just take into consideration your daily vitamins B complex and D needs. In general, however, adults should take 600 IU (international units) of vitamin D every morning.

Vitamin B meanwhile depends on which vitamin B is present. For men, the standard is 1.2 mg of B1 (Thiamine), 1.3 mg of B2 (Riboflavin), 16 mg of B3 (Niacin), 5 mg of B5 (Pantothenic acid), 1.3 mg of B6 (Pyridoxine), 30mcg of B7 (Biotin), 400mcg of B9 (Folate), and 2.4mcg of B12 (Cobalamin).


man with healthy food

If you’re always lacking in sleep, taking magnesium can be good for you.

Magnesium helps in regulating a wide range of cellular functions in different parts of your body. This mineral aids in protein synthesis, blood glucose control, nerve function, nutrient absorption, and circadian cycle regulation. Because of the latter, it can provide a calming effect, which will make it easier for you to have better sleep.

Men who work out intensely will benefit from magnesium the most. Intense workouts can make your body sore and tired more than usual. You’ll need magnesium to sleep better, so your body can recover. However, whether you work out or not, magnesium should be taken at least 30-60 minutes before going to bed, to get the most out of it.

The daily recommended intake for magnesium is 400 mg. This is for an average adult male. If you love intense workouts, you may need more. Ask your doctor about it.

Doctor’s Recommendation is Still Important

No matter what your reason is for taking supplements, your main goal should be the improvement of your overall health. And, it’s best to ask your physician about the correct dosage of supplements that you should take. Taking more can be harmful to your health.

However, if you don’t get what you need in the market today, you can always create your own private label food supplements. You might just be able to create a business and at the same time, help others with the same problem as you.

Whatever ailments you’re experiencing, you can improve your condition by eating healthy foods and taking the necessary supplements. Considering this, you need to consider why you need to take supplements so that you can determine which ones can support your healthy eating routine.

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