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Take Care of Yourself and Avoid Untimely Death With Early Cancer Screening

Cancer can be a devastating medical condition. Considering that there is no true cure out there but only possible treatments or management options. The chances of survival only go lower as it is left without treatment. That is why many doctors recommend that people go for early testing.

The problem is that no single test can cover all the types of cancer you might face. Here is a short guide on which common cancer tests are appropriate for you:

Colon Cancer

Colorectal or colon cancer can be a silent killer. When its progress has reached the point where symptoms show, you are often at the high-risk point. This is why you have to start undergoing a colonoscopy procedure in Salt Lake City and other urban areas. Men and women are equally at risk, so they need to come in every year to check the colon. Colon cancer develops from abnormal growths in the rectum and colon. Seeing these can be a major warning sign.

Besides a colonoscopy, stool tests might also be requested by your doctor for additional confirmation. You should start testing for colon cancer around 50. It might even be earlier if your family has a history of it or you are experiencing strange bowel movements. People with inflammatory bowel diseases are also at higher risk.

Breast Cancer

woman testing for breast cancer

Women are at greater risk from breast cancer but men can also get it. But for men, they would easily notice any cancerous growth in their breast tissue. Women often do not detect the mass unless a mammogram is done. That is why many doctors recommend that women start getting yearly tests at the start of 40. From 40 to 44, an x-ray would be enough.

For 44 to 54 a yearly mammogram is the ideal choice. Beyond that, the risk goes lower but you still will need a mammogram every two years. It is recommended that women become familiar with the size and feel of their breasts so that they know if something is wrong.

Cervical Cancer

Women face a major risk of cervical cancer. The main methods for detecting this cancer type are pap smears and HPV tests. Your doctor will be able to tell you which testing option is right for you. Cervical cancer can strike young, which is why women need to start testing when they hit the age of 21 and continue it until their old age. 65 is the usual stopping point, with some doctors even recommending to end testing earlier.

Lung Cancer

One of the major cancers, lung cancer screening is done by a low-dose CT scan to see the interior of your lungs. People who have had a long history of smoking and have quit smoking in the last 15 years need testing. Smokers aged 55 to 80 need lung cancer screening since that is usually the time when it hits. When you hit 81, the chances of lung cancer developing are much lower.

We still don’t know what causes cancer. We only know the factors that increase risk, but this still means anyone can be a victim. The only way to protect yourself from it is to lead a healthy lifestyle and getting tested regularly. The testing guidelines above will help ensure that you have the right exams. With early detection, you will be able to get proper treatment and have higher chances of beating cancer.

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