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The Anatomy of a Modern Man

When people hear the word “man,” they are no longer stuck with a prehistoric image of muscles and a beard. Over the years, the concept of what a male is has undergone profound progress. Many factors come into play to coin the definition of what society pegs as a “modern man.” Below is a general overview of this new breed of males.

Analytical Brain: More Attentive

Men often see the big picture, and women love to go to details. But, the modern man is more probing. For example, when he is on a job hunt, he does not only settle for the paycheck he will get. Instead, he inquires about group insurance and other benefits. This new generation of males is more aware of work-life balance.

Also, a modern man is more conscious of his surroundings. He does not walk around oblivious to the world. He makes mindful choices that benefit his community. For example, a modern man practices sustainable ways. He recognizes the difference that it will make to the environment.

Tireless Feet: Driven and Adventurous

A modern man is not a drifter. He does not go around in circles without an aim in mind. Goals are on top of his list, may it be short-term or long-term. He knows where he wants to go and puts all his efforts to get there. This is a manifestation of his grit and leadership.

A modern man is not rigid in his ways. He has a thirst for knowledge and loves to learn new things. He also loves to travel and see the world per se. There is wanderlust in his soul.

Adept Hands: Self-sufficient

Gone are the days when women had to do everything for the men in the house. Modern men know their share of life skills. Is dirty laundry starting to pile up? A modern man does not see the washing machine as a foreign thing. Got a rumbling stomach? A modern man will not have any qualms preparing you a hearty dish. Some even find that they enjoy time in the kitchen.

The idea that women should take the full load of household work is non-existent in a modern man’s mind. He knows that he has to take a fair share and do so with willingness. To illustrate, the grocery store is his playground and battleground. People see him with a list on hand and a phone on the other (in case he needs to consult something). He is happy to take off some mental load from his partner.

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Empathetic Heart: High Emotional Quotient

From the beginning, most people expect men to be courageous. For the longest time, courage is equal to the “no tears” formula. People perceive men who cry as weaklings. This perception made it hard for men all around to show their genuine emotions. Thus, it took a toll on their mental health.

Through time, the concept of a strong man took a complete turn. Now, a courageous man is someone who knows how to connect with his emotions. He is not afraid to show his vulnerable side when needed. He is also very open to discussing difficult things instead of withdrawing himself. A modern man also does not resort to aggression to communicate his frustrations.

Strong Spirit: Possesses Integrity

Some men have the misconception that the respect of others is a privilege. They think that it is something automatic that they should have because they are the alpha male.

A modern man knows that he needs to work hard to earn this respect. He exhibits a strength of character and humility. Whatever role he needs to play-whether it be a son, a father, or a partner- he does with excellence. A modern man communicates a silent message that says, “You can trust me.” He shows through his actions that he is dependable.

Clean Face: Prioritizes Self-care, Too

One should not get surprised when they see a man that has a skincare regimen. With all the demands of life, men deserve pampering, too. On a more elaborate note, a modern man even books appointments to salons and spas. He knows that self-care and grooming are essential for many reasons. For one, people form an impression of a person on how they present themselves. On a deeper level, time for self is an excellent way to guard one’s mental health. Self-care is not exclusive to one gender only.

A modern man is not perfect. But he is a far cry from the more stoic and more dominant image of his prehistoric counterpart. A man in modern times learned how to break free from some stereotypes ingrained in their gender.

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