The Best Sports for Introverts

Do you find being around people for a prolonged period mentally draining? Do you enjoy solitude more than the regular person and seek it out every chance you get? Do you hang out with a small circle of close-knit friends? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re most likely an introvert. And that’s not something to worry about.

There are perks to this personality trait. For one thing, you have more time to ponder on life’s biggest mysteries. You might end up writing your own philosophical musings before you reach your 30s. However, there are downsides too. When you’ve had enough of introspection and want a change of pace via physical exertion, you have limited options when it comes to sports you can do on your own. Here we narrow down your choices.


Shadowboxing is pretty much like boxing. Only you don’t have an opponent. Instead, you’re punching the air in front of you. Or your own shadow, for that matter. For introverts, that’s a welcome proposition. You don’t even need to go to a gym. You can do this sport in your landscaped backyard with no other breathing creature except the birds and the bees.


There are two reasons why many people love running. The first reason is it’s absolutely effective cardio, which burns a lot of calories. The second reason is how this sport allows you to tune out the outside world. You can be on your earphones listening to your favorite bands. Or you can listen to your own thoughts. Either way, you’re not bothered by unnecessary noises.


Think of swimming as running in water. It’s also excellent cardio. It burns calories plus tones your muscles in such an enviable way. If you’ve heard the phrase swimmer’s body, and all the nice adjectives attributed to that physique, you probably know what we’re talking about here. Once you start swimming regularly, not only will you get that sought-after swimmer’s body, you’ll also get to practice a sport where you do not have to socialize.



Buy yourself a mountain bike. Get some safety gear and a cycling suit. Research a route with a view. Those are the only things you need to be a cycling hobbyist. Rest assured, you will be giving your heart and lungs the exercise they need. You will be burning calories. Plus, you’re on your own all the way through your chosen path.

Rock climbing

Technically, you cannot rock climb without at least one buddy. Surely you have someone whose presence you can deal with for a prolonged period despite your introversion. You need that person if you’re going out rock climbing. You will have to take turns securing each other’s ropes. If your rock climbing buddy knows you well, they won’t mind if you speak less than ten words throughout your adventure.


Now, if you want to climb rocks all by yourself, try bouldering or freestyle climbing. You won’t be using ropes, so there’s no need for a buddy. If you’re a beginner, you might need to practice in an indoor facility. There’ll be people there. Think of it as baptism by fire. Once you’re ready for the outdoors, that’s when you’ll experience the delights of bouldering solo.


You can golf on your own. The sport does not have to be competitive. Or you can compete with your personal best record. So it’s perfectly possible to be on the field with no one else but your lonesome. Just make sure you don’t cheat.


There’s no better way to spend a date with yourself than sailing solo. This sport will test your mental acuity and your physical fortitude. Plus, at lull hours, while you’re in the middle of the ocean, you can do another sport. That’s recreational fishing. The whole experience is a paradise on Earth for introverts.

Being an introvert is not something you choose. It’s something built within you. You cannot just switch it off or turn it on any time you please. You have to deal with it every single day. If you’ve accepted your introversion, kudos to you. Meanwhile, if you’ve yet to come to terms with your unique personality trait, rest assured you have all the time in the world to figure out how.

Do your figuring out while practicing any of the sports listed above. While sweating out excess calories and anxiety, think about your introversion. Consider how you can make it work to your advantage. Turn it into a blessing instead of a curse.

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