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The Foolproof Way to Test Out Paint Colors for Your Home

Painting contractors or interior decorators could provide tremendous insight into the best paint colors for updating your abode in Park City. But how can you possibly pick from your shortlist of favorite colors? Likewise, how can you be certain that what you end up with will work in your house?

The answer to these burning questions is to test your chosen paint colors prior to painting. Here’s the best way to do this.

Paint your chosen colors on the wall

You will get a clear picture of how your chosen colors will work in your house if they’re painted on the wall instead of just comparing sample boards against your walls. In the event that you have yet to narrow down your choices, painting your top picks on the wall, side by side will help you choose the ideal one.

Make sure to leave some space in between the paint sample to avoid overwhelming the eye. Likewise, remember that your wall’s existing color will impact how the paint looks, such that colors will look lighter on a dark colored wall and darker on a light colored wall.

Use primer for certain paint colors

Take note that certain rich, saturated, deep, or super bright paint colors could only be achieved when used in combination with certain primers, so keep this in mind when looking at paint decks.

Always use two coats of paint when testing

Tools for paintingThe main reason for this is that two coats are the standard amount of coverage for painting walls. Likewise, the second coat will make a huge difference in how the paint color will look. When applying paint, paint in large swaths, 1×1 foot minimum, bigger if you can, instead of 2-inch paint swatches.

Make sure to have your lighting in place before testing

Having lighting that’s suitable for your needs is better than trying to choose lighting that will complement your chosen paint colors. Imagine if you picked out a light bulb that perfectly complements your chosen color but then finds that you get dizzy because it’s too dark.

Keep in mind that colors may look somewhat different under bright lights or muted yellows that you use at night than they do in the daytime.

Paint on different walls

Remember that the paint colors you’re testing would look different depending on how much light hits them. With this in mind, paint your color choices on a wall that gets direct sunlight and on one wall that doesn’t.

Likewise, your landscaping or view outside the window could color light that streams through it so it could change how the color looks on different walls. So as you look at the colors, take into account the specific times of day, you would most likely stay in the room to see how the color would look during those times.

Now that you have selected the colors you want to go on your walls, to better see how they will work together, print out your floor plan and then paint swatches on parts of the house you want to paint. So keep the tips above in mind when testing paint colors and you’ll never go wrong.

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