Exciting Things to Do in the Holy Land

Israel is a small country compared to most countries in the world. It is also a relatively new country with a complex history. Unlike many countries, it has many exciting places to visit and things to do.

Ardent Christians can enjoy a plethora of religious tours to Biblical historical sites, churches, and monuments. There are also numerous non-Christian sites and destinations for those who are not religiously inclined. Some activities suit everyone: couples, children, and even grandparents. You can enjoy LDS tours of some of the most revered religious sites on Earth.

1. The Old City of Jerusalem

The old town of Jerusalem has some of the oldest religions of the world. The Christians live with the Muslims and Jews, and all have sacred religious sites and monuments within the boundaries of the city. All these are enclosed within a small area of 0.9 square kilometers. Among the holy sites within the old town is the Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall (also called the Wailing Wall), the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Via Dolorosa, and other exciting places.

2. Yad Vashem World Holocaust Memorial

It is the Holocaust History Museum that stands as a solemn memorial to those who died during the Nazi genocide. The monument is also a sign of the resilience of those who survived to become founders of the State of Israel.

3. The Baha’i Shrine

Located in the city of Haifa, the Baha’i Shrine is the second holiest shrine of the Baha’i faith. The sanctuary comprises of beautifully patterned flowers growing on a terraced hillside. It is an extraordinarily peaceful and soul-touching vista.

4. The Village of Nazareth

the holy land

Nazareth is the village where Jesus was born and brought up. Located in Nazareth is the Basilica of the Annunciation, the biggest church in the Middle East. Within it is a cave said to have been the home of the Virgin Mary and the site where the Archangel Gabriel appeared to her.

5. Bethlehem

This is the birthplace of Jesus Christ and one of the most popular destinations for Christian tourists.

6. River Jordan Site of Baptism

The Jordan River is the site where the Jews crossed into the Promised Land from Egypt. It is also the place where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. Many visitors come here for baptism and to take away sample water from the River Jordan.

7. Masada

This is an archeological site on which stands the Fortress of Masada built by Herod the Great, and where a thousand Jewish rebels and their families chose suicide rather than surrender to the Romans in 73 AD.

8. The Dead Sea

Located 1,412 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the Earth’s surface. Its waters are incredibly salty, enabling a human being to float on it without any effort. The mineral-rich mud is reputed to be highly therapeutic to the body.

It is nearly impossible to complete a description of the places that one can visit on an LDS Holy Land tour. The examples given here are far from exhaustive. You will need to give yourself enough time, definitely more than one week, to do justice to a comprehensive tour program.

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