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The Key to Happiness: Un-automate Your Life

Life has a funny way of making you think about things that you don’t have. You might have a table full of assorted sweets, but you’ll want the one thing that’s not there. Nevermind that you have more than what you can consume in one sitting. It’s hard to feel content in a world where companies always want to give you something new, making you feel like your life is not complete until you have them. It’s a cycle, and it’s hard to get out of.

It’s almost as if everything in your life is automated, from the job down to the discontent. Is it ever possible to be happy?

Be Spontaneous

You think that you’ll be happy when you buy in-season items, but it’s temporary happiness. You know that next season, you’ll be wanting another thing. When you make this a pattern, you will have to earn more to keep up with the purchases that you don’t even really need. And all for happiness that becomes less and less prominent as you want more and more. Rather than focusing on these material purchases, give yourself a break. Do something spontaneous, like looking for an excellent wedding venue and getting wedding bands for women to seal the deal with your loved one finally. Not spontaneous enough? Leave Washington and go on a honeymoon without a plan! The unexpectedness of your days will give you unimaginable happiness that no expensive purchase can match.

Reinvent Your Routine

We work on schedules. Humans have a natural circadian rhythm that makes us sensitive to night and day. It sounds logical and easy to follow a routine. Every day, you wake up at the same time, go to work, get home, sleep, and do it all over again. You think that it’s the only way to go because you don’t want to lose your job. That’s not true, however. Work doesn’t need to make you live like a robot. You can add new and exciting activities to your schedule to make every day something to look forward to. It’s nothing too extreme; go to a new coffee place this week, perhaps? You’ll meet new people on the way, and the freshness of the surroundings will help you pay attention. You will not be living a monotonous life, but your work will not be affected.

Leave Room for Vacations

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It feels like a trophy, seeing the money in your account grow. However, when you reach the end of your life, as we all eventually do, no amount of money will be able to make up for all the regrets you have. The things that you don’t do now will be regrets waiting for you when you’re in your senior years and lacking the energy for adventure. Live a productive and fun life now so that when you reach retirement age, you will be happy and content. You will look back at your life and know that you saw the wonders of the world and truly lived.

You only have one life to live. It would be a shame to waste it on a schedule that doesn’t make you appreciate everything you’re working hard for.

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