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The Role of Architecture in America’s “Loneliness Epidemic”

Have you come across the term, “loneliness epidemic?” It is a term coined by several authors in their works to describe today’s American culture. There is significant scientific data to back the belief that such loneliness stems from the lack of community. The rise of the loneliness rates can be attributed to our lack of face-to-face interactions with our families, friends, and neighbors.

But some also believe that your home’s architecture plays a big role in strengthening the foundations of family and community. Do you have problems with your porch? Call a porch repair contractor from West Jordan or other cities. Once the porch is repaired, go outside and mingle with your family and neighbors. You’ll feel instant relief from the troubles brewing in your mind. That is how architecture affects American lives.

Front Porch and Its Civic Potency

The front porch, in particular, can reactivate and revitalize your connection with your neighbors. Remember that in the good old days, your parents and grandparents used to hang out on the front porch and watch people go about their business? They said hi to a neighbor who was passing by. Some would stop and come in to mingle and share stories. Some would just go about their business after saying their hellos. There was something about the way people communicated face to face — even with a simple hi and hello — that made them feel good. This connection is what’s lacking in today’s culture.

Why Knowing Your Neighbors Is Important

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Do you know your neighbors’ names? So many homeowners don’t even know their next-door neighbor. Do you know how sad that is? Ask your parents and grandparents how you grew up while they were both working. They will probably tell you that a neighbor helped look after you when they weren’t at home yet and you arrived back from school. You’ll probably remember who this neighbor is from your childhood community.

That sense of community and familiarity can only be achieved when you spend time outdoors. People are cooped up inside their houses, watching television and cleaning the house. They don’t have time to mingle with their neighbors and get to know them. Do you know how comforting it is to hear them say, “Our kids are playing in our backyard. Let me look after them while you do your errands.” It would mean the world for busy parents who don’t have the extra money to hire a babysitter.

Better Community Equates to Better Childhood Experiences

What are you going to get from engaging with your neighbors? Your children will get a better childhood. They will play around with other kids instead of spending all their time in front of the computer. They will get to know these people who are going to be like family to them. You will know who they are spending time with and how this will shape their future.

This community isn’t just for you. It’s not something you do so that you can have someone look after your children for free as you run errands. You interact with your neighbors because it’s part of the American Dream to build a community that you can trust. Your house should be a place for social interaction — for your kids, for yourself, and for your neighbors.

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