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The Ultimate Man Cave: Things to Remember When Decorating Your Own Space

A man cave is a space in a house where men can retreat into whenever they want to be alone or you can hang out with your male pals. It can be a spare bedroom, an unused basement, or the garage. They use the space to play video games or pool, watch sports on the television, or just drink a bottle of beer in peace.

The important thing is, in this area of the house, men can do whatever they want or express their personalities without fear of judgment or embarrassment.

It probably is the only room in your house where you have the freedom to design based on your own preference, so do not just allow it to become bare and boring. Make it as fun, stylish, functional, and comfortable as possible. Here are some tips that can help you out.

Go Bold But Mind the Lighting

If you are designing a bedroom or a kitchen, you have to consider what your partner prefers. They might choose to have light or neutral colors on the walls or furniture in order to brighten up the space. In your man cave, all the decisions are your own.

So, show your true colors. Instead of the boring beige, paint the wall with the colors of your favorite sports team. If you want, you can even have the logo of the sports team and the faces of the athletes sketched on the walls of your man cave. You can speak to residential painting contractors in your town about your vision for the space and hire them to make it a reality. If you are artistic, or you have a friend who can draw and paint on a massive scale, DIY the project.

However, if you go with dark colors, remember that it will make the room dim. You will need a lot of natural lighting, if applicable, during the day and multiple artificial lighting at night to illuminate every corner and crevices. Dark colors absorb light while bright colors reflect light.

Without proper lighting, you will have to strain your eyes to see what is on the television screen or the text on the book you are reading. You will get headaches just by spending time in your man cave.

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Comfort is Key

Ideally, you will be spending a lot of days and nights in your man cave. Obviously, it has to be comfortable. The first things on your shopping list should be a plush couch and recliners. Add other seating options, too, for game nights and other fun activities with the boys.

Now, this is where it gets fun. Fill the chairs with throw pillows and blankets. Your priority is to make the space as comfortable as possible and throw pillows and blankets can give you exactly that. Lay a soft carpet on the floor, too, for cold nights.

Sports and Movie Memorabilia

If you have a collection, your man cave is where it should go. You would not want your signed baseball mitts and authentic movie props upstairs where your kids or your pets can get to them. In your man cave, you can show off your memorabilia without worry that it will be damaged after someone or something mistakes it for a toy.

Get yourself a bookshelf complete with a see-through glass door so you can see what is inside and protect the items from gathering dust. Moreover, get LED strips or a spotlight to make the display the focal point of the space.

Open the Bar

If you still have a bit more space left, you definitely should add a bar. You never have to leave your home again to get a drink with your friends or on your own. You can walk to your man cave, shut the door, and have a fantastic time while sipping on your choice of beer, wine, whiskey, or any other alcoholic beverage. There is no crowd on the bar or at the restroom; the space is all yours.

It is easy to build a bar, too! You can finish the project in one weekend even if you do not know a lot about carpentry. All you need are pieces of wood, a measuring tape, a nail and a hammer, a saw, a can of paint, and patience. You can DIY your home bar without a problem.

Everyone deserves a space of their own, even when you have a family. Your man cave is your personal space where you are free to relax and have fun with your friends.

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