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Tiny Home Intruders: How Common Pests Affect Your Health

The home should be a safe place for the entire family. They should be free to do their tasks and hobbies inside the house without worrying about the common dangers found outside. But even inside the home, health threats are present in the form of diseases from common household pests. These pests are intruders in our homes. They can be annoying to deal with and make us feel like we live in a dirty space. But more importantly, they can transmit diseases and put our lives in danger. Pests must be eliminated inside the home to keep your family safe while you enjoy the company of each other.


Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying pests that all homeowners deal with almost all the time. You can hear them buzzing while flying in the air, which is very annoying, and their bites are very itchy and can cause red bumps and even sores when scratched. There are different mosquitoes, but the most known to carry diseases are the Aedes, Culex, and Anopheles, respectively. These mosquitoes can carry viruses like Zika, West Nile, and Chikungunya, and diseases like dengue and malaria.

The prevention of mosquitoes in the home should be done using a combination of thorough home cleaning and installing materials like screens that keep mosquitoes out of the house. Buying mosquito traps is also a good and safe way of repelling these pests without using chemicals that negatively impact the environment.


Rodents are some of the dangerous pests that can invade the home. Rats and house mice can live inside the home and wreak havoc on your food supplies and even on the property itself. These pests also tend to bite the people in the house. Humans can contract diseases from rodents commonly through contact with their saliva (rodents bites), urine, and fecal matter.

The best way to prevent rats from living in the home is to prevent them from getting inside. Sealing up holes, vents, and any other openings where they can pass through should be done alongside keeping the home and the surrounding area clean. But when an infestation is already at hand, you can choose to catch them all to remove them from your property or call a professional pest control man to do the work for you.

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Cockroaches are some of the ickiest pests that can live in your home. They thrive in all the filth that we humans create, letting them spread germs and diseases everywhere they go. Cockroaches now stand to symbolize unkempt and polluted living situations. Cockroaches may be challenging to deal with as they can reproduce quickly if they have access to food and water in your home, so preventive measures are your best tools against them. A clean environment discourages them from staying. Having cracks and all entryways sealed up also prevents them from getting inside. Glue strips can catch them if they’ve already made their way inside.


Houseflies are annoying pests that become a nuisance, especially in large numbers. These pests thrive in fecal matter and rotting remains which makes them carriers of several diseases. They can also bite humans and transfer these diseases. There are many ways, both chemical and natural, to get rid of an infestation inside the home like using the vinegar and dish soap method to trap them and the ever-popular and effective sticky flytraps.


Bedbugs are pests that are difficult to control as they drain you of energy from lack of sleep. Bedbugs live near the places where you sleep. They stay in the crevices of your bedding and mattress to bite you once you lie down. Although bedbugs are not known to spread diseases like other pests, they certainly affect you by keeping you up at night and biting you, making you scratch a lot and open wounds that can lead to infections. As bedbugs can live in clean environments, you can opt to wash your bedding with hot water or use hot steam on all the areas where they may hide to kill them. Chemical solutions are also good options for stubborn infestations that begin to hamper your living conditions.

Protecting your family must be a top priority inside the home. Everyone should feel free and safe to do family activities that are both fun and interactive. As home keepers, taking the necessary steps to keep away these pests that threaten our family’s health should be a regular task. Just remember that cleanliness is the most significant preventive step to any pest infestation in the home. Keeping the house clean not only makes your property more appealing but also safer for everyone living in it.

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