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Unique Open Space Venues to Celebrate Special Occasions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people from all over the world were forced to celebrate special occasions privately. This has been bad news for people who love celebrating with large groups of people. Yet, for reasons that are beyond our control, we know that private celebrations may become the norm for the following years or so.

Despite the launch of rapid vaccination rollout across the country, many settled for creative ways to celebrate special occasions by exploring different open-space venues. Here are our picks for unique open-space areas to celebrate special events without the fear of viral exposure:

1. Backyard

There is nothing more special than planning an intimate lunch or dinner with your closest friends and relatives. As more health experts advise that we celebrate momentous occasions in open spaces, garden-themed celebrations in your backyard can be the cheapest and most creative solution. All you need is some next-level backyard decorations, paired tables and chairs, and fantastic food and cocktail.

You may also want to up your game by hiring event planners who will do all the planning and designing to make the celebration more meaningful and fun. Choosing a specific theme like a secret garden, rustic, jungle, or even carnival is common for garden-themed celebrations.

2. Community Garden or Recreational Parks

Nothing is more magical than renting a garden or a park for an intimate gathering with your relatives. This option is highly recommended for couples who are celebrating their love and marriage. Some parks offer spaces for as much as 50 people, where social distancing in the middle of a pandemic is not a problem.

For those who are considering recreational parks as their venue, coordinating with community centres to set your reservation is a must. Other communities may offer their parks for reservation at a reasonable price. Historical parks, garden reservoirs, and observatory parks are available across the country to help you host intimate and meaningful gatherings.

3. Courtyards

Courtyards in hotels, restaurants, and other public places are idyllic for people who want intimate and casual celebrations. Aside from the great and homey vibes of courtyards, they are also popular as a romantic sanctuary for soon-to-be-wed couples. Courtyard celebrations are highly recommended for couples who want to enjoy natural light and versatile space for a limited number of people.

Big courtyards can accommodate as many as 80 people with social distancing. Courtyard venues are popular for people who want to enjoy good food, wine, music, and warm conversations. The cost of quality courtyard venues ranges from $500 to $2500.

4. Harbour Cruise

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People who love the beach and the serenity that comes with an ocean view may want to rent a harbour cruise to celebrate their joyous and momentous occasions. Party boats for hire are also becoming a trend for individuals who wish to celebrate their birthdays and other significant events with their closest friends. Aside from the classy and warm feeling that cruise celebrations give, they are also considered a unique venue for private and intimate ceremonies.

The average cost of harbour cruise venues cost around $600 per hour. This price is worth it for those who can afford the splurge to make memories in the middle of the ocean. What an excellent way to celebrate your day, right?

5. Sports Field

Sports field celebrations are insanely unique and fun for anyone who loves open space venues. Its rarity will surely bring joy to your family and friends who want a unique approach to celebrate one-time significant events. Moreover, partying in a sports field will surely give you and your guests enough space to do fun-filled activities.

Field celebrations remain uncommon, but it is undoubtedly worth the try. The best way to maximise the vast field space can be resolved by hiring an event manager who will stage the field according to your expectations. While sports field venues are quite expensive, they can be memorable for everyone, especially children and sports lovers.

Making the Most out of Private Celebrations

While we all want to invite as many people as we want whenever we celebrate joyous events, private celebrations will surely open opportunities for us to engage and interact with our guests in a more meaningful way. If you happen to be one of those struggling to plan and prepare your major events, contacting event coordinators will surely lift the pressure and stress to create a good program with exquisite food, drinks, music, and activities. Nonetheless, all celebrations are only extra special if we spend them with the people we dearly love and whose company we greatly enjoy.

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