Fashion-forward: 10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Every woman must have certain items in their closet to use as their go-to outfit from day to night. These essential clothing pieces will make any outfit shine, whether you want to be simple, chic, glamorous, fabulous, or just comfortable.

Your closet is like your fairy godmother that will help you style your outfit and partner it up with your other essential wardrobe items. Therefore, it is the best place to keep your fashion essentials whenever you need to party after work, train after picking up the kids, or stroll and hang out with friends later. A piece of clothing, on its own, might be plain and straightforward, but if you pair it up with your other clothes, you will surely rock your outfit of the day.

Here are the essential items in every woman’s closet:

1. The LBD

Every woman must have a little black dress that screams the sexy, sophisticated, and refined lady that they are. Your little black dress can be worn on a semi-formal occasion that you got invited to in a hurry. This little black dress must show your sophisticated yet refined style. It should be easy to wear with lace, beads or pearls, tiny rhinestones, or flattering shawls. This will surely make you look beautiful and elegant whatever occasion you are attending.

2. Go-to Sneakers

Every woman must have go-to sneakers, this pair that you can wear every day the entire day that matches whatever outfit you are wearing. Your go-to sneakers should match your pants, your dress, your jacket, your bag, your accessories, and your shirt. It is also essential that you choose a comfortable pair of sneakers. This could be worn on any day or when you want to rock out your outfit of the day.

3. White Shirt

It is good to have a clean and crisp white round, or V-neck shirt is a must-have in your closet. This white shirt worn on any day will make you look clean, fresh, and casual wherever you go. Make sure to match it with a good pair of sneakers or sandals and good-fitting pants, skirt, or shorts, and then you can go anywhere looking simple yet fresh. Make sure that your white shirt is not too see-through because it might distract people; otherwise, you would look fabulous with a white shirt slightly tucked under your pants.

4. Denim Pants

Your denim pants can be this acid-washed, loose-fitting pants, or that skinny ripped jeans that you can pair with any of your blouses or shirts. These denim pants are a must-have because denim can look from casual to formal, depending on what matches the outfit. You can wear it with your short-sleeved blouse underneath that blazer; match it with your black heels—trendy, office-ready, comfy, and casual all at the same time. You can have it in blue or black or even both.

5. Active Wear

It is always an excellent way to have a pair of training clothes—a sweatshirt and sweat pants combo of the same color. This will make your training look fun and fabulous when you match it with your trusted running shoes. You can rock out your look while you jog in the park or train at the gym. You can also have your sports bras and cycling shorts for the training whether you lift weights at home or in the gym. Just make sure that your training clothes are comfortable to wear. These might be tight-fitting clothes that will show some skin and some curves.

6. Sunday Dress

Your Sunday dress can be your reinvented little black dress, especially if you are not a lover of black. This Sunday dress can be ethereal in a look that flows when a breeze blows. You can have a floral printed or patterned dress below the knee, paired with your sneakers, black shoes, or your favorite sandals.

woman wearing high heels

7. Ankle Boots and High-heeled Shoes

Your ankle boots will make you rock your look. Whether it is suede or leather ankle boots, with zippers at the side, match it with your jeans and white shirt, you have a rocking, cool, and casual look. Aside from your ankle boots, you should also have comfortable high-heeled shoes. You can choose the color and the height of your heels—you can have pumps, platforms, wedges, or stilettos.

8. Cardigans, Sweaters, Jackets, Blazers, Trenchcoats, and Hoodies

These types of clothes are usually used when the weather is cold or chilly. The cardigan is a knitted open-front type of clothing that you can wear in any weather. A sweater is a closed-front, loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirt that you wear on a cold day. Jackets can be made of leather, cotton, or wool and have a zipper on the front. This is an excellent match with your denim pants.

On the other hand, Blazers are front open, casual tops that you can look formal and be worn at work. Hoodies are jackets or sweaters with a hood. All these tops should be part of your wardrobe because you can mix and match your items and create your style and look.

9. Accessories

Your accessories can vary from your necklaces, bracelets, wristwatches, earrings, rings, hair accessories, hats, brooches, pins, and bags. These things are usually worn with their set, especially with the jewelry, but you can mix and match it with your outfits. Some jewelry is sold by the set; if you have, make sure that you wear them on the proper occasion. Kylie Jenner and other models have normalized the use of wigs. Revamp your look every day with different wigs; make sure to have a wig styling professional do it to extend the life of your wigs.

Your wristwatch can be an elegant watch that you only wear on special occasions or a watch you wear to work every day. It would be best to have a go-to everyday bag containing all of your belongings like your phone, wallet, make-up, and other essentials.

10. Versatile Dress

Having a versatile dress in your wardrobe can be beneficial for you. You can always wear this dress from day to night without worrying if it fits the occasion. This will surely make you look glamorous, fabulous, and fierce from day to night. Match it with your heels or boots, bring the right jewelry and hair accessories, plus the bag and your look is complete.

The items in your wardrobe define who you are. It may look simple for others, but properly mixing and matching your outfits and accessories will make you stand out from the crowd. Wearing something simple based on how you see yourself might not be the same as how people perceive you. You don’t always have to leave an impression on other people because your confidence matters more than what other people might think. Make sure you make your closet filled with clothes that will give you the best comfort along with a beautiful personal style.

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