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What Your Truck Needs Before You Take It Off-Road

Some people will argue that stock trucks or SUVs can be taken off-road without a problem. While it’s true that larger four-wheel drives are designed with regular and off-road driving in mind, stock vehicles can only do so much on rough terrains.

If you want to increase your truck’s off-roading capabilities and prolong its life on the road, here are some upgrades that you should consider:

1. LED light bar

Look for a store that sells and installs golf carts, ATV, and UTV parts and accessories, and you will most likely find LED light bars in their selection as well. LED light bars keep you safe, allow you to navigate better at night, and warn other drivers of your presence. It is a must-have for off-road vehicles, especially for nighttime driving, since it is brighter and offers more illumination than your standard headlights.

2. Tow hook and winch

Getting stuck in mud or in between two boulders are common occurrences on off-road trails. Make sure you can get out of a sticky situation quickly by having a tow hook on your front and rear, as well as a winch that can pull your vehicle out.

3. Lift kit

Give your truck a higher ground clearance with a lift kit. This will give your vehicle the ability to drive over rough terrains, especially the trickiest parts (boulders, sharp rocks, stumps), without damaging your undercarriage.

4. Front grille

Whenever you need to plow through grass, branches, and brush, a front grille will protect your vehicle if you happen to hit a boulder, tree, or stump. The added protection will not only protect your ride but will also protect you and your passengers from a rough impact.

5. Mudflaps

Mudflaps are essential to protect your wheels and fenders from rocks, mud, and other materials that can possibly damage your vehicle or scuff its paint.

6. Interior liners

When you go off-road, your shoes will inevitably become dirty from the dirt and mud outside. If you don’t want that to seep into your vehicle’s floors and become nasty stains, get interior liners for your footwells.

7. Roof rack

roof rack on a truck

A roof rack will give you additional storage for things that can make your off-roading experience better, such as coolers, tents, bikes, and camping equipment, to name a few.

8. Snorkel

A four-wheel drive snorkel transports your engine air intake from under your vehicle to the roof. This makes it possible to drive your truck in water (to a certain level) without it breaking down. Even if you don’t plan to submerge your ride in the water, a snorkel is still a great upgrade to have in case of emergencies.

9. Tires

Lastly, fitting your vehicle with off-roading tires is a must. Tires that are meant for off-roading are not only highly durable, but they can also give your vehicle enough traction to take on various types of terrain on the trail.

Do you have a 4WD that you want to take off the road? To keep you and your truck safe on the trails, consider these upgrades before hitting the road.

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