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Why Get a Granite Kitchen Countertop

If you are one who loves to cook or spend much time in the kitchen, then you know how important a good countertop is. This is where you set most of your cooking ingredients, as well as — on some occasions — have your meals. Because of this, countertops are usually the centerpiece of a kitchen and can affect its entire look and feel.

It is thus natural to want only the best and most beautiful material for your kitchen countertop. One of the most popular materials today is granite, with its excellent quality and polished finish. In granite-rich places such as Salt Lake City, Utah, this is by-and-large the go-to option for a countertop.

Here are just some of the reasons why granite is the perfect material to use for your home’s kitchen countertop.

Aesthetic appeal

With its sleek, polished look, granite is able to pass off as one of the more expensive and luxurious materials, most notably marble. This will instantly make your kitchen look upscale and classy, no matter what decorations or materials you use for its surroundings.

Moreover, granite is available in multiple shades, textures, and colors, which provides great flexibility in terms of blending with the look of your flooring and walls. This is part of what gives granite a timeless appeal that is sure to give your kitchen its own unique aura.

Hard, durable surfaces

Granite is a very hard stone, making it very resistant to scratches. This is a quality you would love for your kitchen countertop, as this allows it to maintain its smooth, polished surface overtime.

For damages like cracks that may occur as a result of repeated weight-bearing (from constant sitting or dropping of heavy objects, for example), repair kits are easily available, and you can be sure it will continue to serve you for a long time afterward.

Granite is also resistant to heat and does not burn or weaken upon contact with hot objects. This makes it perfect for a kitchen countertop, upon which you may set a hot pan straight from the cooktop or oven. Hence, you are free to enjoy your time cooking, stress-free.

Ease of maintenance

Granite kitchen countertop

Granite can be highly resistant to liquids, meaning stains will not be absorbed and are incredibly easy to remove, which means you do not have to worry in case something spills as you are cooking or enjoying your meal.

It does not take much effort to clean a granite surface; wiping it with warm, soapy water should easily do the trick. Also, using a clean microfiber cloth is highly recommended to keep it spick and span.

Take note, however, that your granite countertop must be properly sealed first for it to become liquid-resistant. Otherwise, the porous nature of granite will allow water to seep into the stone, which can dirty and damage your countertop, especially if stains occur.

Great value for money

While the cost of granite may vary depending on your supplier and the quality of the stone, it is generally much more affordable compared with other similar materials such as quartz or marble. It is also more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, as it is a natural stone that does not undergo any laboratory processes. This makes granite an excellent pick if you value a good deal for your money.

With all the benefits that granite brings in terms of functionality, durability, and aesthetics, there is no reason to pass on using it for your kitchen countertop. No doubt about it, a granite kitchen countertop in Salt Lake City is sure to be a great addition to your home.

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