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Floor Cleaning: 8 Beautiful Floors Plus Ways to Make Them Clean

The kids have spilt milk on the floor and the dogs come running in with mud on their paws. What do you do next? How do you keep the floors looking immaculate? There are many kinds of floors and each of them may need different cleaning methods. Take hardwood floors, for instance, there are specific products used for them. You can also try Dyson vacuum for your Utah home. Here are some of the common types and floors and how to clean them:

  1. You’ll find that cleaning an asphalt floor is easy. You can mop it every week with water that has fabric softener. Mop with care, though, as too much water can harm the grout and adhesive of the floor. You can follow that up with wool to thoroughly clean it and liquid floor wax to make it shiny. Use a damp cloth to finish it.
  2. Brick is a porous floor so using a sealant or wax is helpful. You can vacuum it after the sealant and wax procedure. The use of acid, abrasive, and strong soaps is not good for brick flooring.
  3. There are two kinds of ceramic flooring, glazed and unglazed. Glazed ceramic is better in the sense that it isn’t susceptible to stain. It also doesn’t need a sealant since it’s not porous like the unglazed variety. On the other hand, you need to mop unglazed ceramic flooring with an all-purpose cleaner and use a soft cloth to dry. You also need a sealant for unglazed ceramic flooring, but you need to strip it once a year.
  4. Another kind of porous floor is a concrete floor. This floor gets stains fast. This also needs a sealant, but you have to sweep first before you apply. It can get greasy so apply a product that absorbs oil. You can use a floor cleaner and a sponge mop to clean it thoroughly, but you have to dry it after.
  5. Linoleum flooring is a bit complicated when it comes to cleaning. Many products are not to be used for this type, particularly the solvent-based ones. You must also avoid scouring, applying hot water, and flooding. However, you can clean it with vacuum and mop. You can also use wax and fine grade steel wool.
  6. Marble floors can be cleaned with self-polishing liquid wax. You can also apply a mixture of water and fabric conditioner or water and all-purpose cleaner. Always use wax if you want to keep it shiny.
  7. Solid hardwood floors like oak, walnut, teak or beech are classics. They’re timeless so the utmost care must be ensured. Make sure to dust the wood planks before the cleaning procedure. Avoid using vinegar or ammonia. You can use a vacuum to clean it or a floor cleaner made especially for these types of flooring.
  8. Last but not least is veneer flooring, which is a kind of engineered wood. It’s easy to maintain than most floors. It doesn’t absorb moisture too much and you can just wipe it clean with a cloth. Wiping it with a wet mop is not recommended.

A shiny, polished hardwood floor in a new home

There you have it. This is the list of some of the most common types of flooring and how you can clean them. Most floors are easy to clean. You just need some time and a good memory to work on your floors. No more stains and you’ve got a clean floor.

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