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Common Myths About Carpet Cleaning

These days, a quality carpet is an expensive investment in the home. All too often, homeowners get varying advice from all sorts of “experts.” The conflicting information can be very confusing. It either leaves the homeowner unsure of how to go about cleaning his or her carpet. If you take the wrong advice, your carpet will be ruined.

It is essential to understand the myths purporting to be the best methods in the business. Whether your carpet is at home or in a commercial enterprise, take time to understand these misconceptions about carpet cleaning in Draper.

1. New carpets require no cleaning

The more you delay cleaning your new carpet, the more dirt accumulates. It takes a while for a new rug to show visible signs of dirt. By then, the dust has accumulated to unacceptable levels. The particles that enter the carpet are often invisible to the naked eye. If left to gather for too long, they burrow deep into the carpet and become more difficult to remove.

2. Frequent cleaning ruins the carpet

Carpet cleaning experts do not take it to the river and beat it on stones! Thanks to modern technology, there are chemicals that are kind to your carpet during the cleaning process. Cleaning methods and equipment are also very advanced today, designed to ensure that your carpet remains spic and span for a long time.

3. Carpet deodorant as an alternative to cleaning

carpet deodorant

Many carpet owners are misled that a carpet deodorant is an effective alternative to washing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You can sprinkle the carpet cleaning powder to keep it fresh. But this is a temporary remedy. The talcum powder, which is what the deodorant is made of, is water-insoluble. It will settle and accumulate in your carpet, thus ruining it.

4. There is only one carpet cleaning method

Many people believe that all carpets are cleaned the same way. It is one of the most enduring myths. Carpet-cleaning techniques and equipment depend on the fibers of each rug. For instance, a wool carpet is delicate. It cannot endure aggressive washing. Unlike a jute carpet which can stand harsh treatment. There are different methods to clean a rug, including shampooing, chemical cleaning, and steam cleaning. You need to understand which method is the most appropriate for your type of carpet.

5. Steam cleaning causes mildew

It is true that if done inappropriately, mold will appear. If the carpet is soaked for too long, of course, bacteria will thrive and mildew will form. If done correctly, this will not be a problem.

6. Excessive vacuuming will ruin the carpet

This could be true, but it depends on the type of equipment used and the type of carpet in question. Before you decide that too much vacuuming will ruin your carpet, do some research and seek expert advice.

With all that said, do not believe everything you hear about carpet cleaning from the neighborhood chatterbox. If you happen to be in Draper, you should consult residential carpet-cleaning experts.

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