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DIY Treatments and Home Remedies: Are You Doing It Right?

We all know that one person who has an odd home remedy for every illness. A quick Google search will bring up all manner of weird and wonderful ways to cure pretty much anything you can think of.   Some are harmless old wives tales, some are downright dangerous and others really do work. Here we take a look at some remedies that do work. Teeth whitening

Everyone is in search of a beautiful white smile. Centuries ago, people would use things like salt, baking soda, and soot to give their pearly whites a healthy glow. Thankfully, the dental industry has moved on now. There are plenty of safe treatments that can be used at home (though it’s a good idea to buy them from a professional dentist or oral care website).

These kits come with a gum shield, set of whitening products, and an LED light. Simply follow the instructions of how much product to use and how long you can leave the LED light on your teeth. Don’t be tempted to leave it on longer to get a whiter shade, this can seriously damage your teeth.

Sore throat remedy

A sore throat can really ruin your day. Most people reach for sugar and chemical-filled lozenges or cough medicines. A proven at-home remedy can soothe a sore throat with only a few basic ingredients. Dissolve some honey and a squeeze of lemon in some hot water and sip slowly.

The warm water is very soothing to your throat. Honey has antibacterial properties. Lemon also has healing properties and can break up any mucus that might be irritating your throat.



There are many causes of nausea including pregnancy, certain medications, travel sickness. Ginger has been used to treat nausea for centuries. It is known to soothe the stomach quickly and help nausea subside.

Most people opt for ginger tea, lollipops of candied ginger

Skin tags

You should always get skin changes checked out by a professional to rule out any serious conditions. Skin tags are quite common, especially during pregnancy and as we age. Though unsightly, they usually aren’t a problem unless they are in a place where they are irritated by clothing or jewelry.

Some people recommend using apple cider vinegar to remove smaller tags. It can be applied on a cotton pad and can cause the tag to dry up and fall off. Another way to remove them is to tie some cotton thread around the base of the tag to cut off any blood supply, the tag then dies and drops off.

Sinus Clearing

We don’t realize how blocked our sinuses are until we have the property cleared. Allergies, dust, and any other buildup can cause our sinuses to become blocked. A popular way to clean them is the use of a Neti Pot. ; This is a thing that looks like a tiny watering can. You use salt, distilled water to pour the water into your sinuses and clear out each side.

This is perfectly safe as long as you are scrupulous about cleaning your Neti pot and use boiled distilled water.

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