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Dress Codes: Do You Know the Right Clothes for the Occasion?

Have you ever gone to an event wearing an improper outfit? How awkward was that for you and the people around you?

The way we dress speaks volumes about who we are. The clothes we wear are a reflection of our personality. And that is why most people make quick judgments according to the way we look. At the same time, dressing is a form of respect for the people around us on a specific occasion. That’s why you must take into consideration wearing a proper dress for every occasion.

Don’t worry! Here is your guide to appropriate dressing for different types of occasions:


Let’s start with the trickiest of them all—the weddings. Most of the time, the attire is stated on the invitation. But in case there’s none, the time and location should give you a hint. For men: a dark tuxedo and black party shoes should never go wrong. For women: go for fabric that is soft and flowy.

Always keep in mind that regardless of the type and location of the wedding, you must never come to the wedding party venue wearing a white dress for women and a black suit for men. It’s a no-brainer, but it is a wedding guest’s mortal sin, so we have to make sure you are informed and reminded.

Job Interview

For a job interview, you would want to make a terrific first impression. Wear something clean, fresh, and professional. Dress to impress as they say. For most corporate companies, you would want to wear the standard tailored suit for men or a simple black dress for women. Knee-length skirts should be proper for this occasion. Save the heavy makeup look on your weekend parties and avoid wearing distracting jewelry. Men must keep the hair properly and neatly trimmed.

The way you dress for an interview must reflect that you are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and committed so look like you are.


If you are a graduate, remember, you are going to be in a lot of photos. Photos that will be kept for your grandchildren to see in the future. Do not wear something you will regret. Opt for a knee-length dress. Wear a happy color and prints like floral. You are going to be walking up a stage so pick a comfortable pair of heels; wedges are a great kind.

If you are a relative of the graduate, wear something nice and neat. If you are the mom, dress pants and a nice blouse would be great. If you want a polished mommy look, put on a smart blazer. For men company, slacks and button-down shirts can never go wrong.

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Family Gathering

Not unless you are from a family of all-out high-fashion individuals, this is the right time to put on some laid back outfit. Get casual because there’s no one in there but family. For women, you can try sundress and skirts in the summer and sweaters in the winter. For men, go for a polo shirt and khaki pants. Get comfortable. It’s family time.


Black is the common color that you will see in wakes and funerals. But, it’s not some rule or something. You can also wear something that’s not black but make sure it is still a muted or subdued color. You ask why? Apart from the black is the color of mourning, you would not want people to draw attention to you by your brightly colored attire as much as possible. It is a sign of respect to the departed and to the bereaved family. This dress code goes for both men and women.

Dinner Date

We feel you; you can get stuck between feeling too casual or too fancy for a movie date. This can be stressful if you really like the person you are going out with. You would want to look cute during dinner and comfortable sitting inside the cinema. Therefore, the go-to outfit must be your good old pair of pants.

You can accessorize them depending on the season. Pair it up with stylish booties and faux fur coats in winter. For hot summer days, pair them with a nice silk tank top and a pair of nude heels. And oh, pick up a statement clutch bag, too. You should look lovely!

The next time you need to attend an event, consider the context and the guests so youknow you’ll stand out but at the same time fit in. If you are still in doubt about your outfit, pick them according to these things: body built, season, location, and comfort.

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