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Replacing a Roof? 8 Signs to Check

Are you wondering if you need a new roof? You may feel it for some time now, but you still haven’t decided yet. To help you, here is a list of warning signs that you need a new roof. This can be your deciding factors in choosing roof tear-offs for your Orem home.

  1. You’ll need a new roof if it’s more than 20 years already, although an asphalt roof will last until 30 years. Your roof may already be damaged at this time even if it looks good on the surface. Incidentally, you still have between five to 10 years before you seriously need a new roof.
  2. Did you notice if there is a buckling of your roof shingles and if it’s curling? You can take a look at the roof which gets the most sunlight. See if it’s losing granules. This may mean you need a new one because it’s already defective. This holds for roofs that are past their life span. Weathering of the roof may bring forth of leaks. Try addressing this before the rainy season.
  3. You need a new roof when you have missing shingles. You can say that you’ll just replace those missing ones but the problem lies in the colors. As your old shingles have already been weathered, it’s impossible to get a color that fully matches with the old one.
  4. Aside from shingles, a roof’s valleys are important because snow and rain flow through these parts. It is then transported into the gutters. Roof leaks can happen if the valleys are defective.
  5. The usual reason for cracks on the shingles is wind damage. You can replace them if you want, but as mentioned above, it will be hard to find a matching color. The decision is, of course, up to you. If the cracks are spread throughout, then it’s a sign you should replace it.
  6. Loose granules after a new shingle have been placed is something you shouldn’t have to worry about. Finding granules in the gutter, though, is a bad sign. The more granules you see, the higher the possibility that you need a new roof. Finding granules in the gutter means your shingles are about mid-aged.
  7. Seeing streaks of sunlight coming through the roof is a sign that you need a new one. It means that your roof has been damaged. This may be the result of moist in the decking.
  8. Another sign is the presence of algae or moss. Seeing this on the roof doesn’t mean it’s damage, but some people like to replace their roof because of the appearance. Be reminded that you can’t just wipe off these organisms from your roof. The roof will be more damaged if you wipe these off. Lastly, you need to replace your roof if it’s already sagging.

Wooden shingle roof with molds and algaes on the surface

Replacing your roof can be expensive but not replacing it may mean more problems in the future. Have a professional look at it and talk about your options. Don’t postpone it so your house will not be put at risk.


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