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Fun in the Summer Sun: Water Activities You Can Do at Home

For this coming summer, all travel plans have been put on hold, especially those that are out of the country. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most out of summer from the comforts of your own pool! It’s time to bust out all your water activities so invite your friends and family to have fun with you all summer long.

There is no limit to what you can do. Host a barbecue or a picnic for your family and relatives. Throw a pool party with a makeshift bar and make your friends some drinks all night long. Or you can hold a summer-themed competition with pool games, sports, and a trophy for the grand winner.

People have been making up so many things and activities, so you’re bound to find ones that suit your liking. You can search the internet for more inspiration about how you can spend your summer at home, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Turn Your Routine Pool Clean-up into a Fun Bonding Experience

No one wants to spend days or weeks cleaning up an entire pool by themselves, especially not one that’s been sitting in grime and muck from the last summer season. So what you can do is invite over some friends who are up for the task to help you prep the pool for this coming season.

Schedule it over two weekends or more so that there’s no pressure to hurry the clean-up. And do what you can when you’re on your own so that not all the work falls into the hands of your buddies. Plus, provide them with good food and upbeat music to keep the energy at a steady pace.

But before the scheduled day arrives, you have to inspect the pool to know what equipment you might need for cleaning. Will you need a pressure washer for some deep cleaning? Do you have your trusty non-toxic, pool-cleaning acid ready to use? Or will you require the help of a professional pool cleaner for this situation? Those are some questions that you have to answer before deciding to do this activity with your friends.

Invest in a Waterslide

Since it will be a few months before summer begins, you could still save up to buy a cool waterslide for your pool. You could opt to buy an inflatable one, but investing in a good and sturdy slide may be a better investment in the long run.

Everyone loves a slick slide, so having one in your pool can surely attract your guests and make your pool more inviting. If you have the time and budget, you can even decide to build one — sort of like a DIY project.

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Install a Volleyball Net or a Basketball Hoop

Nothing screams challenge more than land sports being played in the water. It’s like running in the dunes and gravity getting the best of you and your stamina. But that’s what makes it fun and challenging to average sports enthusiasts.

Even people who don’t usually play sports can enjoy having a volleyball net or a basketball hoop inside the pool. These installations can be the center of your sports competition if you ever decide to go with them. But if you don’t, having a net or a hoop can still be a worthwhile investment, especially since you can easily play it with just one other person.

Learn How to Make Drinks and Lounge in the Pool

There are days when all you really want is to relax in the pool with a cold drink in hand. It will be even better if you’re lounging in an inflatable floater. You can invite some friends over who are in dire need of a good drink and a dip in the pool, and make it a hangout by doing a potluck afternoon.

You can also make a DIY bar stand so you’ll have a designated place to practice making drinks if you’re into that sort of stuff. If not, you can always do something else that can highlight your hobbies to your guests.

Out of all the things you could be doing this coming summer, it will be hard to pack it into just a few months. But no worries, because these activities can also be done after the summer months have come and gone. In fact, if you wanted to, you can do these all year long. It’s really all just a matter of planning and doing what makes you happy.

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