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Health Issues Men Can Get from a Sedentary Lifestyle

Eating a lot of potatoes can cause high blood pressure and hypertension. Those are just two of many other complications that can arise. Being a potato, however, is way more dangerous than eating one. Yes, we’re talking about being a couch potato. Do you think you’re not a couch potato? Why? Because you don’t sit home and commute every day to work and do cardio for 30 minutes a day?

Unfortunately, you’re only a few percentages safer than the stereotype. Being on the couch all day and not moving out of the living room is fatal at an early age. But over time, even the working class finds itself struggling with issues resulting from being on your bum for too long. As you know, ‘saving one’s butt’ is the expression. So when you’re sitting 12 hours a day as an average person, your butt is not going to like it a bit.

Activity is the way of healthy living. If you don’t move, you’ll die. There is no intimidation here. Just a clear message that the body evolved from apes doesn’t like too much of sitting. You might find it genuinely comforting to be cozy on the couch, but your body cannot run the cycle of all its necessary functions. Chronic fatigue and other health issues are just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s why doing movement is of utmost importance in life and that you should ditch your sedentary lifestyle right away.

You Burn Negligible Calories

The food that you consume must have a way of going out of the body. Of course, the waste products are removed every day (which also becomes a problem when you sit too much!). The actual nutrition that your body takes needs to be used by the muscles, bones, digestive tract, and RBC to carry out body functions.

Now, if we weren’t supposed to use up the food we ate, either we would never be hungry again or grow to enormous sizes without being called obese. Since obesity is as real as your ripped jeans, losing calories is essential on an everyday basis. Using up calories by feeding them to the muscles makes up space for more and gives you more substantial, much larger muscles. While sitting, you burn only up to 100 calories in one hour. Whereas just standing in one spot burns around 200 in an hour. So walking around every few minutes will shred you considerably.

Higher Chances of Obesity

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The above point indicates that the people who accumulate many calories will have trouble later on in their life. It must be clear to you as an adult that he who doesn’t move a lot get a lot of calories. This, in turn, increases the amount of unnecessary fat in your body. If you’re a bit skinny and thinking it’s a good thing to gain weight that quickly, you won’t like your appearance two years down the line.

Weight accumulated sitting at home will not be the healthy weight that comes from strengthened muscles and bones. A sedentary lifestyle will only give you unhealthy fats that will turn into uncontrollable obesity, which is not good. Once a person gains a lot of negative weight, it is more difficult to carry oneself or lose weight quickly. This means increased urges to be seated, which means longer hours of sitting, leading to fatter accumulation. So if you don’t want to die of a dog chasing you, please get up and take a walk to the juice parlor to keep yourself from gaining weight.

Higher Chances of a Chronic Illness and Early Death

Spending more than six hours a day sitting can lead to many chronic diseases, and most of them will be unexpected and fatal. The most prominent conditions from a sedentary lifestyle are type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. People accumulating more than 3,000 calories a day can get exposed to type 2 diabetes by 112%. Heart diseases have 147% of appearing if you’re leading sedentary lifestyles. If you’re walking less than 1,500 steps a day, you’re likely to develop insulin resistance, which will lead to type 2 diabetes. This form of diabetes is harder to battle than regular diabetes and can bring serious health complications.

When you’re exposed to these deadly diseases, you will not only be putting yourself at risk of untimely death, but you’ll also make it harder for your loved ones to take care of you. So always make sure that even while sitting and putting your brain to a jog, you must make sure those glutes make some movement.

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