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What Makes Men More Attractive to Women

Most men wonder what it is that women find attractive in a man. There are conflicting reports, and people just generally answer their preference, but there have to be some general trends, right? Fortunately, there are some general trends and universal rules that make it so that you’re more appealing to a wider demographic of women. Here are a few ideas for your consideration.

The Looks

How we look will always be important, so here are a few practical tips so you can work on your looks.

Hygiene is Key

If you smell bad, neither women nor men will come near you. Needless to say, hygiene is paramount to becoming attractive. It’s critical to take care of your own hygiene, to a degree that you smell pleasant, so that you’re not a sensory overload when meeting friends and potential partners.

Clothes Make the Man

The simple truth is that we get judged by how we look. And that’s not exactly a bad metric: we’d be suspicious of people who can’t be bothered to have basic hygiene or wear proper clothes. In your case, dress to impress yourself. Yes, you read that right. Dress in a way that will make you feel confident, and it will shine through

Lean and Athletic

You should definitely start hitting the gym right now. But don’t worry, you don’t have to look like a big, beefy bodybuilder. As a matter of fact, women don’t particularly like that. A healthy physique with lean muscles and athletic abilities is often what women look for in a man.

The Personality

Even your personality needs a bit of tuning up, and here are some reminders to help you out.

Well-Spoken and Eloquent

Words might just be words, they have significant power over others. First and foremost, verbal communication is how we communicate, so being skilled at it is a major benefit. You’ll be able to tell stories and make them sound fun, you’ll be an engaging talker and attentive listener. An eloquent person is generally a great person to hang around with, and every woman enjoys the company of a good conversationalist.

Kind and Understanding

It should go without saying that you should be kind and understanding. But you have to be conscious about being kind and tolerant. It’s easy to assume and think “Oh, I’m being kind right now”, without fully understanding the situation. Whenever you are met with a difficult decision, always choose the kind of understanding route- never the abrasive or antagonistic one. People will appreciate you more for it, and women will find you endearing.

Unafraid and Honest

Being confident is a boon, but not if it’s a false kind. It’s important to match your confidence with honesty. Being honest and unafraid about your “geeky” interests, or a situation that needs addressing, makes you appear to be a self-aware person. Someone who’s confident enough in himself to accept failures and flaws, both in themselves and others.

The Skills

Of course, what use is a good look and wonderful personality if that’s all there is to you? Substance lies in skill, and here are some examples.

Have a Special Skill

Having a useful and unique skill is something that everyone will find appealing. It doesn’t have to be all that unique either, you just need a skill to complement whatever it is you’re interested in. Having a well-detailed car entails good driving skills; something definitely useful. Being into gadgets and tech merits having skills in repair and troubleshooting. These skills show that you have the discipline and patience to practice, qualities that we all find interesting.

Chores and Cooking

Women find it romantic when you cook for them. Or prepare to know how to do chores around the house. Simply put, being responsible makes you look more attractive. We all look up to people we can trust and rely on, and it’s the same in this case. All those years of your parents teaching you how to do house chores isn’t just so you can clean the house- it’s also to attract a potential partner.

Be a Handy Person

You have a special skill coming from your interest, you know how to do house chores, and you know how to cook. What else do you need to know? Simple: minor repairs and fixings. It’s cool when you can fix something that’s broken, as it shows that you’re a good person to keep around. Another advantage is that it makes you more confident- after all, a broken thing isn’t a bane to you.

It’s never just one aspect, it’s always a mixture of the three major ones. You just really need to find “you”, and be comfortable with your own self.

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