Keys to a Successful Date: These are the Traits Women Like

Finding a mate is, surprisingly, challenging. A person spends so much time, effort, energy, money, and, of course, emotional investment to get to know a potential romantic partner but that is not a guarantee that the meeting will end well. Even if they really like their date, they might still walk away lonely for the night.

Humans are complicated. Each one has different interests and preferences that, often, are difficult to reconcile. So, even if two people do like each other, they may not be the right fit, at least for the time being.

But, there are some key features that people want from their ideal mate.

The Brooding Leading Man

Do women really like brooding men? Yes, they do. According to one study, women find happy men slightly unappealing.

The study published in the journal Emotion showed participants photos of the opposure. The participants were then asked about their initial reaction to the attractiveness of the individuals in the photos.

Women were more attracted to men who did not smile. Think of movie star James Dean, known for his rebellious and flawed characters on the big screen. A slightly downcast expression of shame expresses a need for sympathy. It turns out, most women find it alluring.

The study, however, only measured attractiveness, not whether or not they would want to be in a relationship with a brooding man. People who want to be in a relationship often take into consideration other factors than just attractiveness.

The Perfect Teeth

Women prefer brooding men in terms of attractiveness, but for those who they want to see again on a second or third date, they notice one thing: the teeth. One survey found that one of the first things that women look at, whether consciously or unconsciously, is their date’s pearly whites.

Men who grew up wearing dental braces are in luck. Women do like straight teeth. Moreover, they want their dates to have white teeth. It is more than just vanity. Having straight and white teeth are signs of good hygiene and health.

Many Americans said that they would not go on another date with someone who has crooked and yellowed teeth.

This is not surprising. Previous research has found that adults who have the perfect set of gnashers are more likely to get a job than those who have an imperfect smile. Regardless of skills and experience, how their teeth look has an impact on how they are perceived by people around them.

The Ideal Bod

Women do look at the physique of their dates, according to research. Scientists from the University of California, in the study in 2007, recruited nearly 300 women who were shown photos of shirtless men. The women were asked to indicate whether the individuals in the photos will seem to make the best short-term and long-term romantic partners.

The researchers found that women are more likely to find muscular men attractive. The researchers explained that this attraction is evolutionary: muscularity is a sign of increased offspring viability or reproductive success. However, surprisingly, the majority of women find muscular men to be suited only for short-term relationships.

The participants said that men who are less muscular are better for long-term relationships. So, while men want to catch the attention of a potential mate by working out, if they want to find a lifelong partner, they should try not to go overboard.

The Sense of Humor

Several previous studies have proven that women are attracted to funny men.

A 2006 paper, for example, asked undergraduate students to indicate how much they valued the ability of a romantic partner to make them laugh as well their own ability to make their significant others laugh.

The results revealed that women valued their own sense of humor and their partner’s ability to make them laugh. Meanwhile, men think it is important to make their mates laugh.

But, one does not need a study to prove the importance of a sense of humor in attractiveness. Just look around. Some of the most desirable celebrities in Hollywood like Scarlett Johanson and Cobie Smulders married funny men.

If All Else Fails, Wear Red

Maybe you are not physically fit or you do not have a sense of humor. How do you attract the opposite sex in the easiest way possible? Science says, wear red.

One multi-cultural study from 2010 found that women are attracted to men who are wearing red. In the study, participants were tasked to look at photos of a man who is wearing either a red or green shirt. They were also asked to rate the man’s attractiveness.

The study revealed that the participants found men who wore a red shirt. Interestingly, the participants were not even aware that the color was influencing their attraction to the subject.

All people have their own preferences. The ideal mate will not be the same for every woman out there. However, at least according to science, having some of these traits raises a person’s chances of finding a mate.

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