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How to Improve the Design of Your Garage for More Efficient Use

Your ride is why you can quickly get to places, especially with the limited modes of transportation available due to the pandemic. In the past, keeping your car in excellent condition was just a responsibility of a car owner. Now it’s crucial; without it, reaching destinations is close to impossible. With the importance of your car established, it only fits to spoil your drive a little with new modifications, frequent cleaning, tune-ups, and other maintenance projects. Your local mechanic and vehicle service can easily do these tasks.

Still, when you’re knowledgeable enough and exactly know what kind of modifications you want for your car, it’s ideal and cost-effective to do them yourself. Since you’ll need a space to make car modifications, repairs, and maintenance, you first need to get started with polishing your garage.

Insulate the Whole Area

When building your garage or man cave, you also have to keep in mind that you’ll be spending most of your time there, especially when working on projects. Suppose you live in an area that experiences different seasons; it will then be best to install heating and cooling units and insulate the whole place to maintain your desired indoor temperature.

Make It Livable

As mentioned above, your garage is a place you’ll likely spend most of your time in, so you have to ensure that your necessities are within easy reach. Since most garage spaces come with a water line and even a comfort room, you should call a plumbing service to repair any issues and ensure that pipes are well-maintained to prevent you from having to deal with full-blown water damages. For the ultimate comfort, it’s also a good idea for you to create a comfy seating area for relaxation and a workstation where you can plan and do your research.

Install a Car Lift

Working on your car’s engine means that you will not only spend time looking into its hood, but you’ll also work in its undercarriage. Typically, people use a mechanic’s pad or an under-car roller to access its bottom parts, but you can install a car lift to make repairs easier. With a car lift, you can safely and securely view and access your vehicle’s undercarriage, which can help expedite work.

Reinforce Your Garage Floor

Before installing a car lift, you have to make sure that your garage surface can handle the weight. Placing a reinforced concrete floor under your car lift that’s at least four inches in size will give you peace of mind that your garage floor is safe from damage.

Use Overhead Storage

If you plan to house more than one vehicle in your garage, you need to save on floor space as much as possible. Your power tools also need to be kept in optimum condition because they’ll be helpful in your projects; therefore, you can’t just toss them in a basket or bin. For excellent storage, you can utilize your overhead area and reclaim your wall space by installing shelves and cabinets that are spacious enough to hold your tools and small equipment.

Increase the Ceiling Height

Given that installing a car lift is part of your plans, you need to increase your ceiling height to accommodate your lift and vehicle once mounted on your car lift. Aside from catering to your vehicle’s height, having extra ceiling space also gives you the advantage of getting more areas to use as storage for your equipment.

Use Robust Flooring

Your garage surface will deal with heavy equipment, not to mention the weight of your car, making installing robust and durable flooring essential. To ensure that your flooring can withstand heavy traffic and is easy to clean and maintain during accidental spillages of oil and other car liquids, you can choose to upgrade with rubber garage tiles, epoxy coating, or vinyl flooring.

Spread out Power Sources

Performing repairs, maintenance, and modifications on your vehicle frequently require electricity. With limited power sources, you have the option to use long extension cables, but this is inconvenient and even dangerous. To allow yourself to focus on the tasks at hand when working on your car, you should eliminate the inconvenience of finding a power source by installing electrical outlets in the critical areas of your garage. When you spread out power outlets, you can work easier and in a safer environment.

Start Designing

Owning a car can be a hobby and a necessity, and there is nothing wrong with modifying your ride to be at par with your standards. To have the proper location for performing car maintenance and improvement, you need a garage space that works for you. By keeping comfort in mind, you can build a garage where you can move freely, efficiently work on your ride, and have convenient access to your frequently needed tools and equipment.

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