Best Tips for Men Who Want o Get Into Online Dating

You may have delayed yourself from getting involved in online dating. But you’re still not late to join the fun. If you’ve decided to join over 40 million Americans who use online dating apps, you could do so. But of course, since you’re a first-timer, you may need to know some important things first.

Online dating has been around for quite some time. A lot of people have actually found their soul mates from these online dating apps. However, online dating doesn’t only produce success stories. There are several stories of online dating fails too. This may make you hesitate but don’t be afraid. As long as you’re going to use these online dating apps with caution, you’re good to go.

But first, we have to get you ready for your online dating profile. You may also want some useful tips in using online dating apps available for you. Here’s a guide that you can use if you want to get into the online dating world.

Choose Which Apps You Should Use

There are several dating apps out there. You may have heard of some of the most popular ones. There’s Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and many more. It’s advisable to choose from the most popular ones. That’s because you would have more people to engage with on dating apps that have numerous users. You can also ask your friends if they already have experience in online dating. Ask them which dating app is the best for them.

Finding the right dating app for you can filter out people who don’t align with your intentions too. So if you’re truly serious about dating, you should know the most appropriate online dating app for you.

Pick Out Your Best Photos

Pretty sure you have nice selfies stored in your phone gallery. You need to choose the best ones. These are the ones you should put in your online dating profile. There are actually specific types of photos you can choose for this purpose. First is your best photo. This shows that moment when you felt the most handsome.

Say that time when you looked dapper in your suit and tie. Or perhaps, that moment when you had your same-day dental implants installed that made you look more handsome. Next is a photo that showcases your hobby. And lastly, don’t forget your vanity shot like your gym photos. You need to have at least those three photos for your online dating gallery.

Prepare a Well-Thought Out Bio

You’re not supposed to write a novel for this that’s why there’s a character limit. You have to keep it simple and clear. State the most interesting things about you. You may base that on the most interesting things about you that your friends told you. You can also put your favorite hobbies, the films you like to watch repeatedly, and what you’re looking for in a partner.

These things may be specific, but they’d surely bring people in who have the same interests as you do. This can also attract people who have similar traits, hobbies, or tastes in arts. Your online dating bio can reveal so much about you. It can even be the basis of most people if they would swipe right on you.

Make Your Intentions Clear

This can be part of your bio but this has to be emphasized. Stating your intentions on dating apps is very important. This is to prevent leading people on. There’s even a study that says women are more likely to give importance to the kind of relationship people on dating apps want. So if you’re going in for a serious relationship, you have to be clear about it. Avoid being vague about the type of relationship you’re looking for if you’re joining a dating app. This will also help you find someone who has the same intentions as you do.

Don’t Make Them Wait


You’ve finally prepared your online dating profile and started swiping left and right. You’ve seen that there are already people that swiped right on you. Avoid making them wait. If possible, you should message them immediately. Get to know the person quickly once you’ve matched. This will help you see if your personalities really match. You can then set a date for your meetup if you’re ready.

Messaging your matches quickly can also help you determine if you and your match aren’t really for each other. It’s needed so you could immediately move on, start swiping again, and talk to other matches.

Dating is always exciting and nerve-racking regardless of its form. The only to have a successful date is preparedness. And you can do that by preparing your online dating profile.

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