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Men’s Sheds or Community Sheds: Transforming Men for the Better

Men’s sheds are community spaces meant to give men the opportunity to create, converse, and connect. The men’s shed movement started between 1978 and 1980s in Australia. This movement aimed to give men a safe space to discuss their feelings, improve their well-being, and provide men with a physical location that boosted many aspects of men’s health.

While such community spaces are usually held in a particular member’s backyard shed, some have a more articulate location. This is especially true for those with a more significant population. The movement became so popular that it reached far and wide, opening doors to community sheds in Ireland, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, and even the United States.

But the question is, what makes men’s sheds so unique? Why are more men joining men’s sheds? And what does it have to do with improving and transforming men for the better?

Learn New Skills

Men’s sheds allow men with the same interests to gather around, learn new skills from other members, and use those skills for crafting or creating new things. Many men found new hobbies they could work with using different materials. Others even started their businesses thanks to the skills and knowledge in men’s sheds.

The beauty of this movement is that virtually all male community members are allowed to join. This includes senior males who have plenty of time sharing their skills and expertise with the younger generation. They use some of their precious time talking, teaching, and sharing what they know to help other community members learn new things.

Enjoy New Hobbies

There are community members who got into men’s sheds because they are intrigued in the first place. Their curiosity brought them into joining the shed and taking an interest in what they could learn from others. This helped spark new passion or made them chase after something they used to only dream about.

Many men’s shed community members are veterans in their fields. Their knowledge and abilities draw other members closer, willingly taking their time to learn from the best. As a result, they manage to like other people’s hobbies and bring these home as their own.

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Foster Sense of Community

Being a part of a men’s shed helps you enjoy more socializing opportunities with people. This is critical in men, especially older adults, who now live alone and have no social support that is always present. They get to earn new connections and find friends they can turn to in times of happiness and trouble.

This also allows entrepreneurs to get closer to the community that benefits their brand. For one, there is always a chance of getting to know someone who can help you get more customers. You can ask for recommendations on reliable local suppliers for your metal fabrication business or even find a partner or investor to help you boost your brand.

Improved Health

The first reason men built sheds is to give aging older adults a chance to improve their health. Love and belonging are primary basic needs that many seniors cannot feel. Their old age, weaker body, ageism, loved ones living far away, and other factors make them more lonely and isolated.

Men’s sheds give men the opportunity to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health in many ways. They get to socialize and engage in activities they enjoy. This socialization and engagement within the group, in turn, help boost their overall health and wellness, contributing to healthier male members of the community.

Boost Self-Esteem

Another reason men’s sheds are suitable for men is that this helped many male community members improve their self-esteem. Before, many found it hard to fit in, especially those with a different color, race, interest, etc. With community sheds being a common ground and a haven, they realized that this is one place they are themselves, learn new things, and contribute in their ways in the community.

When one feels safe, secure, and enjoys those feelings of belongingness in a group, their self-esteem increases. They gain better confidence in sharing their thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Having balanced peer support makes men’s sheds a wonderful place to improve one’s self-esteem.

This shows that men’s sheds can do more than provide men with a place where they can hang out and relax. This is also helping foster a better sense of community while helping men improve many factors in their life. The knock-on effect men’s sheds have to offer inspires more people to join the movement and spread awareness worldwide.

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