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Recent Trends For Fashionable Men

Fashion is something that society considers as a feminine interest, but it’s also slowly evolving into something more inclusive of all genders, even for men. Nowadays, it’s becoming pretty common to see more men taking up fashion and shopping for clothes. More men are also becoming interested in fitting in with the latest fashion trends. But which among the latest trends are the hottest that modern men should be aware of?

The New Normal Fashion For Men

It’s a stereotype that men are not into fashion or not into it at the same level as women. Feeling good, comfortable, and confident about what you’re wearing is a fashion statement in itself, and more people need to realize that. So, if you’re late in the game of men being interested in fashion, here are some of the latest trends you should check out:

  1. Tie-dye shirts

Tie-dyed clothes first became big in the 1960s as part of a >counterculture. It is a symbol of freedom and individuality, which parallels the trippy imagery of the hippy movement. In recent years, it has made a comeback that it’s become common to see people tie-dying their shirts, pants, and hats. It’s a cool way to express yourself and show you’re supporting a movement like climate action or show solidarity for LGBTQ rights.

  1. Pinstripes suit

Pinstriped suits never went out of fashion as it makes anyone wearing them look formal but still chic as they originated from the English Victorian bankers who used to wear them as uniforms. It’s a simple and elegant style that could make you look like you mean business but still be fun. If you want to look like you’re someone who works in skilled nursing home dialysis partnerships by day, but you would be into drinking some Whiskey at night, then this could be your style.

  1. Work from home attire

The comfort over style look is a fashion statement that became popular as more people have been working from home since 2020. People need something that would look presentable while on a Zoom call, but they can easily take off once the meetings are done. There is no definite look, but it mostly has to do with a nice top and some comfortable bottom since video calls only expose your upper body.


working from home

  1. Convenience store look

Lockdowns caused most people to keep up with their style in 2020 until it became a style in itself. Men started sporting the unshaved facial hair and messy hair, and when they needed to go out, they would just put on a random hoodie and some cap that gives off an “I’m just out to buy some Coke in can and Cheetos from 7-11” look. It’s a zeitgeist of the pandemic, and it is an unofficial and unintentional trend that happened because of the pandemic.

  1. Statement face masks

Since most people can’t show their faces in public since wearing a face mask became a requirement in most places to prevent the spread of the virus, it also became a trend. Most men decided they could customize their face masks and print stuff on them or use colorful ones to make a statement. It’s a cool way to be fashionable, responsible, and safe.

  1. Flower power

Floral patterned clothes are also making a huge comeback in fashion as prints are becoming more fashionable these days. Even if it was originally another style that people perceived as feminine, it’s becoming more common for men to also sport floral shirts, hats, and pants. It’s a summer look to wear something colorful, but jackets with floral patterns are also becoming trendier, so it’s looking like it will be an all-year-round trend.

  1. Nature lover fashion

Of course, you can keep your fashion sense even if you’re out on a hike in nature. Going camping doesn’t mean you have to wear something ragged, but you could also sport some cool lumberjack look or a gorpcore fashion sense.

  1. Stripes shirt

You have to admit that men are also conscious of their appearance, and many of them want to look taller, skinnier, and fitter. This reason is why vertical stripes as prints are still in fashion, as they could give off that illusion for any man wearing that print.

Fashion Is For Everyone

It’s interesting to see how more men embrace the fashionista in them without fear of people’s judgments. After all, wanting to look good is something inherent in all genders. So, keep up the look with these trends.

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