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Self-care Is Manly: How Men Can Take Care of Themselves

Guys, we need to talk! We need to talk about how important it is to take care of ourselves and love ourselves. We often feel guilty when we treat ourselves to something nice, maybe sometimes due to responsibilities and other things deemed more important.

There’s also the elephant in the room: the stereotype that taking care of yourself strays away from masculinity.

Or maybe you think you lack something within. You should embrace the C-word that some of us might have always been afraid of—confidence. Have you ever felt like you have nothing to live for, nothing to do, no one to be with? What better way to prevent and cure these feelings of low self-esteem than to invest in ourselves.

Remember that you shouldn’t ever feel guilty for spending money for your needs or putting in the time to take care of yourself, especially if you have been working hard or have been doing other people’s needs before your own. Don’t let society dictate your life, too. Taking care of one’s self is more masculine.

Treat Yourself

Think of a stress-busting, relaxing spa treatment. Some of you may have never even tried it, but you’ll get pampered all day, lying in bed and getting a massage and other treatments meant for your skin and body. Doesn’t that sound good? But what exactly does it do? A spa treatment can be an excellent way of reducing your stress. It helps release the toxins from your body and opens up your pores for deeper breathing.

Imagine a world where everything is going well, and you’re feeling good about today. And then a sense of panic sets in. It might be a work deadline that you didn’t want to feel rushed to finish or a meeting that ran over. Whatever the reason, you feel the stress almost instantly. A spa treatment is one of the best ways to combat those feelings of stress as it can help you relax and relieve any toxicity in your cells.

Aside from a spa treatment, you can go for a mini shopping spree. Make a budget and go to your favorite shops and buy what you want instead of what you need. Buy a cologne, new clothing items, or anything you’ve been eyeing for a while. Just don’t forget to stick with your budget!

Invest in Self-care

If self-care is not at the top of your list, that needs to change now. Self-care is essential no matter the age you are. Men have been brought up not caring about their appearance, their health, and particularly their skin.

Taking the time to do something you love that provides a break from a busy life can do wonders for your self-confidence and well-being. Don’t you want to feel good about your skin and give yourself some time to relax and pamper it? Some of us have a non-existent skincare routine, and that one bar of soap near the shower is enough for everything.

Taking care of one’s skin is a need to avoid having rough and wrinkly skin. There are body wash and lotions for guys in the market. Start with just one and see how fresher you’ll feel with other products. Invest in skin oils too, which will make your skin plumper and healthier.

Another favorite treatment that you can get is a facial. You will surely enjoy it since it includes exfoliation, extraction of pimples, blackheads, and any dirt in the pores, massage, steaming, and masking, which will help you have fresher and renewed skin. The pampering will feel unnatural and overwhelming at first, but your skin will thank you after!

Develop Good Habits

Apart from this, adopting good habits is also a good start! According to Cecilia Health, having a good routine can make or break the lifestyle goal you want to achieve. Every one of us has some bad habits that we want to break, and most people know that good habits are essential for a healthier lifestyle, but not everyone knows how to start incorporating them into their life.

How do we start incorporating good habits in our life? First, we need to know what good habits we want to include and which ones we currently lack; we need to figure out how we can improve in that area. Our good habits can be anything from working out and going to the gym twice or thrice a week, brushing your teeth often, or even preparing healthy meals for yourself. We need to figure out what good habits we want to add to our lives and which ones we lack.

One of the biggest things that people often face when trying to start a new habit is that they can’t seem to stick with it for more than a few days. This is because our practices are incredibly easy to break.

It is more challenging to make new habits stick since we are not used to them and are not as ingrained in our minds as bad habits. This is because we spend more time on bad habits than on good ones usually. However, there are ways that you can try to make bad habits stick. One of the most effective and natural forms of habit formation is by visualizing.

Visualize the life that you want. Everything you do is a step that either puts you near or furthers your long-term goals in life. Start with the little things. Make your bed when you wake up in the morning. Head to the gym, or cook delicious and healthy meals for yourself. Buy something you want, like that new video game or the newly-released pair of shoes. Book treatments and forget about the gender stereotype. Treat yourself well and watch how everything changes.

Final Thoughts

Self-care is self-love. The relationship you have with yourself should be your top priority at all times. Taking care of one’s self doesn’t lessen your masculinity. It levels it up since you are taking the time to care for yourself physically.

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