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Home Out of Cars: Why Vehicle Residency Has Become a Thing

Everyone has their own version of success. For most people, this involves buying a house they can call their own. They spend years saving enough cash to buy a house. Others are willing to be house poor. They can attain their dream home by applying for a mortgage.

But for some reason, an increasing number of people are making a home out of their cars. Even before the pandemic, many turned their cars into their home. This is not to say that all of them can no longer afford a house.

Why Home Out of Cars Became a Thing

Many people are homeless and can’t afford housing. So, they decided to live in the only asset they have, which is usually their cars. By living in their vehicles, they can get rid of their largest monthly expenses, which is their rent or mortgage.

The pandemic is one reason more people are now living in their cars. They lost their source of living, which rendered them unable to pay for housing. With their vehicles being the only asset they have, they are left with no choice but to use this to live and reduce their expenses.

Some made residency out of their vehicles for their own special reasons. Those who chose to live in RVs like to think of themselves as modern nomads. Their love for travel and adventure made them ditch sticks and bricks for wheels they can turn into their homes.

Some discovered their passion for intentional living. They liked the idea of buying a van, turning whatever space into a place for sleep and living, and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. They don’t mind being always on the go and having to look for a safe place to park each time.

Challenges of Living in Vehicles

Living in a car, or any vehicle for that matter, is nowhere easy. Unless you have an RV complete with all the essentials, you will find many challenges testing your patience and determination. Here are common challenges people have when living in vehicles and what they do to solve each one.

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It can be tricky to live in a vehicle when your car has lightly tinted windows. You will struggle to sleep, change clothes, and engage in other activities when everyone can easily see what you are doing. Since privacy is one thing a house can offer, people living in their cars found simple ways to retrieve their privacy.

Those who have the budget made sure to invest in window tinting for the auto. Having tinted windows does more than protect your interiors from the heat of the sun. This can also provide for your much-needed privacy, especially during the day.

Those who have no budget came up with makeshift window covers. They used whatever materials they can get their hands on. This includes privacy curtains, store-bought window covers, and cut-out cardboard.


Driving all day can be exhausting. Imagine having to sit, sleep, eat, and do everything you are supposed to at home inside your car. All you can do is crack your windows open to let more fresh air in, toss and turn in your backseat, and cover your ears to block all the noises from where you parked your car.

What some people do is to find a quiet place to park their vehicles at night. This mostly means sleeping in national forests and using earplugs to do the trick. They invest in nice pillows and blankets or use whatever they have on hand to make the backseat a better place to sleep.

Some got themselves in a rechargeable mini fan to keep themselves cool during the summer. They use USB car charger adapters to charge their electronics. Others invest in inflatable pillows and car seat beds for extra comfort.

Even taking a bath and using the toilet can be difficult. Some would use public restrooms for bathing and doing their business. Others found a friend they can turn to in case they need to shower.

Keeping things organized

Many people who gave up housing had to find ways to keep their cars organized. For most people, this meant getting rid of unnecessary things, only keeping their essentials, and living a minimalist lifestyle. If you live in a recreational vehicle (RV), making all your essential furniture fit inside the vehicle can be impossible.

After letting go of their nice to have, they had to keep things organized not to cramp their cars. They use separate bags or bins for clean and dirty clothes. They have to go to the laundry mat or wash their clothes somewhere often.

Living in a car is definitely not the definition of comfort anyone would imagine having. But for some people, this is not a matter of what they want. In times like these, one will have to do what it takes to live as comfortably as possible. This could mean making a home out of your car instead of living in the streets.

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